Monday, 26 January 2015

FAQ #KimFadtourguide

Assalamualaikum & hi!

So, I received a lot of questions from emails, comments etc about the tour package I'm doing in Korea now. These are the questions I thought should be answered. I add some clarifications too so do help yourself read them (with some cikedis or teh tarik if you find my writing a lil bit boring).

Ground package/pakej tu apa?

It means package on the ground. K lame.
Ground pakej ni maksudnya perbelanjaan yang perlu dibayar semasa menginap di Korea. Kalau kami cakap all-in-ground package maksudnya SEMUA perbelanjaan kat sini termasuk dalam bayaran KECUALI FLIGHT TICKET dan personal expenses aka shopping.
So, beli flight ticket dan book kami, enjoy je kat sini. Habis cerita.

Packages offered?

K. Kitorang ada pakej pakej tertentu sesuai untuk insan insan tertentu.

- Backpacker (the cheapest starting from RM1400/pax minimum 2 pax)
Pakej ni paling murah. Sesuai sangat-sangatlah untuk students. Banyak berjalan, duduk guesthouse.

- Leisure traveler (suits family with kids who normally travel laid-back, no rushing)
Yang ni pulak untuk keluarga dengan budak budak yang inginkan keselesaan lebih kepada anak anak. Biasanya family ni taknak rushing, contohnya: bebudak tak puas nak main snow so nak stay lama lagi kat satu tempat ni walaupun ikut jadual ada 2 3 tempat lain lagi. Lagi satu, maybe kengkadang family ni nak naik van khas untuk pergi somewhere sebab kalau naik subway kena transfer banyak kali macam leceh sebab ada bebudak kecik so, ini pakej yang sesuai. Kitorang yang tour guide ni layan je, takde hal. 

- Sophisticated (honeymoon, VIP - better, nicer room) 
Ok. Pakej ni kalau tengok nama pun faham lah. Ni special case. Kalau pilih pakej ni, boleh duduk rumah yang macam dalam drama drama Korea tu ataupun hotel. Tour guide pun khas untuk korang je. Takde campur campur dengan group lain (contoh, kalau ada 2 group (3 orang + 4 orang) yang pilih backpacker package, pehtu jadual dorang tertindih kan, kitorang bawak lah sekali jalan -ini akan diberitahu dulu jangan risau).

- Big groups (special discounts, additional service to collaborate with Korean university students for a half-day program etc)
Kalau ada students yang nak buat program universiti, nak datang sekali segerombolan ke Korea, pun boleh. Apa ada hal. Siap boleh bergabung meletop dengan Korean university students untuk program program macam cultural exchange ke etc etc. 

Boleh tak kasi itinerary untuk pakej2 tu?

Selagi korang tak booking, kitorang tak kasi jadual penuh. Yang kitorang boleh kasi... Contoh (ey berape kali contoh daaa):

4H3M backpacker RM1400:
- Nami island
- Gyeongbukgung
- Namdaemun
- Insadong
- Dongdaemun
- Myeongdong
- Cheonggyecheon
- Gwanghwamun
- Hanok village
- Namsan tower
- Itaewon

Additional days and places option:
- Theme park
- Mountain (hiking activity)
- Zoo
- Ski
- Universities area
- out of Seoul (Busan, Jeju island etc)

Haa cenggini. So, kiranya untuk harga tu, kita akan pergi tempat tempat tersenarai. Arrangement yang sebenar kami bagi bila dah book. Landing je, kami bagi jadual penuh siap dengan masanya sekali untuk pengetahuan korang. Sebab kami cuma usulkan standard itinerary. Tapi kot kot nak tukar, nak pergi tambah tolak tempat tempat lain, boleh je (tertakluk pada terma dan syarat). Korang cuma perlu tanya, kalau kitorang nak pi sini, kena tambah berapa? Kalau tak nak pergi sini tapi nak pergi sana, macam mana? Pahe dok? Sudah... kecek Klate pulop.

Macam mana nak book?

Kalau dah ada flight ticket, nak book kitorang, kena bayar deposit RM50 je. YE, RM50 SAHAJA. Kami ada refund polisi, jangan risau. 
100% refund - 2 months before the booking date
50% refund - 1 month before the booking date

Last minute booking?

Ada jugak customers yang nak book last minute. Kitorang OK je selagi takde orang book hari dan tarikh yang sama or kalau orang yang dah book awal setuju ada orang lain nak join. The more the merrier whattt. 

Extra info:

- We're NOT a travel agency. Kami buat sendiri sendiri laki bini (dan kawan-kawan tour guide sehaluan dengan kami). ^^
- Basically, our price depends on how many people are coming & where do you wanna go.
- For now, you can only book us until July 2015. 
- There's promo going on until March 2015 ONLY. Price starts from RM950!!!

OK. Kalau ada pape soalan lagi, boleh lah email
Thank you! ^^

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Le Forever Boyfriend Birthday Celebration

Assalam.. Hye! 

It was Je Young oppa's birthday yesterday. We had a little celebration that night when the clock struck 12 and a date to Hanok village, Gyeongbukgung & Insadong. 

In the making...

So, I received a small oven from Yong Chol oppa and Je Young oppa's lab members (thank you so much :'D) for my birthday last year. But I can't really bake anything just yet here thinking of how expensive the ingredients are here and if I ruin the whole thing (I lack of confidence to bake using that one since the one I have at home back in Malaysia is way bigger).

I went to Itaewon to find some halal baking ingredients on Thursday when I was destined to meet Brownie mix on sale. Alhamdulillah.. This is it.. This could save my life (awhvahwelming).

Because I don't have enough apparatus for baking (even a hand mixer), I just bought a box of brownie mix and one packet of semi-sweet Hershey's chocolate chips. I read a post here on how to make brownie mix tastes better and I love the ideas! Definitely will try again later.

It's totally easy >..< 
I mixed water, one egg and butter (instructions on the box). Then, I added the brownie mix, use manual hand mixer- yiiepp manual. It was a little bit hard because of the heavy texture but I didn't have to mix them for a long time.

The result...

Poof! Done in 30 minutes.

A little celebration. Omnomnomnom~ <3

What else? Gift! Hmm... I should have a nice gift since this is his first birthday celebration as my forever bf. After brainstorming for a few days. I thought a photo album consists of our pictures since we started to know each other could mean a lot for him. In fact, in this technology era, no one print out photos anymore and I kinda miss that. I love hardcopy (even for books) version more than anything else (fefeeling evergreen at the age of 23). 

I made this album on my own at the Seoul Global Cultural Center, Myeongdong by using hanji (Korean traditional paper for crafting).

First picture: Oppa and his very first durian. LOL

I added some captions to every picture and gave it to him while we were having some brownies. In the afternoon, we ate at one restaurant nearby our house. 

Bedal la apa lagi.
Of course a great day shouldn't over with just delicious meals. We sorta role-played as tourists after that. Haha

In front of Folk Museum gate (next to Gyeongbukgung)

So many people at Hanok village since it was Saturday.

Before the special day ended, we decided to give something special to everyone who wish to come to Korea under our private package.


Those who might have last minute plan to come here and haven't booked anything yet, do contact me at /Instagram: @snfad_diela regarding this promo. ^^

Guess that's about our celebration. 
Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Private Tour Guide in Seoul

Salam 1 Malaysia (minggu orientasi ke? haha)

So.. You wanna come to South Korea but...

1. You don't speak Korean
2. You're afraid of ordering non-halal food (refer to 1)
3. You cannot bargain when you shop because (refer to 1)
4. Travel agency could be expensive
5. Last minute plan

Tell you what.. I'm being generous with my ground package offered here:

Price range: RM1400/USD400 (4 days 3 nights) min. 2 pax
The price includes everything but flight ticket. 
When I said everything, I meant meals, accommodation, transportation & entrance fee.
Yeah you heard me right.

Other packages:
1. Backpacker Tour (students)
2. Leisure Traveler (family with kids)
3. Sophisticated Traveler (honeymoon, VIP)

Additional info:
1. You can customize your itinerary based on the list that I have (additional charge depends on the entrance fee).
2. The more the merrier = DISCOUNTSSSS!
3. Holiday to other city? Jeju Island? No problem!


Versi Bahasa Melayu: 

Sesiapa yang nak ke Korea tapi tak nak ikut kumpulan2 travel agency, nak sendiri sendiri dengan bajet murah, mungkin saya, orang yang anda cari! (Mentor musim keenam ke apa ni? K.) Pakej saya murah sebab saya student Malaysia yang sedang belajar di Seoul dan berkahwin dengan seorang mamat Korean aka business partner. 
Jadi, kalau berminat, boleh contact seperti yang tertera diatas nun. Kita bincang rege, kita bincang itinerary. Ok? 

Jumpa anda di Korea! 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Self-learning Korean Language

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.,
Peace be upon you.

I took French as my third language during first year of study (now I'm in fourth) in UTM. Since I've learnt French back when I was in Form 1, it wasn't hard for me. However, compared to other classmates (except two who were already competent users) who were learning another foreign language from scratch, it could be laborious. I joke you not. 


Nowadays, I'm keen to learn Korean language more than French. Part of it is because of the language itself, I find it cute and interesting. On the other side of the world is that my in-laws don't know English. Hewhew. It isn't because of Kpop. Or.. So I thought.. 

Kpop wave in Malaysia is real at the moment (nope. Not gonna say anything about B1A4 fan meeting in Malaysia). I have so many friends who know how to speak and write Hangeul. In fact, they learn it by themselves. Luckily for me, I have a lot of Korean friends who are willing to help me whenever I have questions. I started to learn words by words and phrases from Korean dramas at first. Then, when I was in my second year, I was lucky to meet Haejune oppa, one of my Korean friends who did and exchange programme in UTM. He taught me Korean characters in order for me to be able to read and write. 

Taken from Google

It's the foundation so I work my ass off to memorize all the characters. It took me 2 weeks to remember it all- characters, the writing system, and pronunciation of syllables. Even though I know all that, I still can't read fast yet (like when I was streaming Runningman, I will pause and read the editors' comments in Hangeul). Now, after I've been learning Korean for around 7 months, I can read faster. I guess last time it was me who always try to avoid reading it when learning the phrases or words from the book or website, and read the romanization instead. So, the most important tips to get yourself familiarize with Hanguel is to be immersed in it totally. I no longer read romanization of Hangeul anymore (still making odd pronunciations once in a while LOL).

After a while, Je Young oppa suggested that I need to expand my vocabulary size. He thinks that it's important before I proceed deeply into grammar and the conjugation system. So, I learn new vocabulary and revise the ones I've learnt, memorize it as many as I can. This is what we call learning a language. However, as I'm one of the language acquisition believer, I think the best way to acquire the language is by putting myself into the environment- it will make the process faster. So, I watch kdramas, follow some phrases from the dialogue and jot down helpful and interesting phrases. kkk

Besides that, I learn grammar from websites and the Berlitz I bought from Bookexcess for only RM19.90 last two years. I like the book but it concentrates on the higher, most polite version of Korean which sometimes can lead to awkward moments/unfriendly remarks if you were to use it with your Korean friends. kkk 
There are many websites where you can learn Korean language for (almost) free on your own. Here you go:

1. Talk to me in Korean - plenty of interesting lessons by level, videos, and vocabulary.

2. Korean Class 101 - a very helpful website as a whole. I learn from them through their website and also their apps on my iPad. Sweeettt.

3. Free Korean class - Yes. For free. If you think you need a real learning environment, please visit Korea Plaza, Menara Hap Seng, KL as they offer Korean language class for free every twice a year. You need to be committed to follow a certain period of time. Not only that, they have Korean cooking class for free too! Kimchi anyone? ^^ lol

4. Linguanaut - for the Korean phrases and expressions.

5. Mylanguages - lots and lots of vocabulary being classed in adjectives, verbs, articles, prepositions etc. 

6. Sydney to Seoul - you can learn A LOT from this self-study Korean language blog. Like seriously. There are worksheets, flashcards and even for those who plan to sit for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean).

Hope this post helps. Till then, bye! :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Siapakah gerangan gadis yang memeluk oppa itu?

Peace be upon you :)

I thought I had never written in BM for this blog but this post is exceptional. Read if you know Malay or you'll be damn confused if you Google translate it.

'Isu' gadis Melayu bertudung dicabul oleh retis (told you there's no point of Google translate my BM 'cause my leisure BM is all over the place liddat >.<) kpop, gadis Melayu bertudung berpeluk bercium dengan retis kpop, masih lagi hangat diperkatakan di timeline fb aku. Tak cukup video orang kongsi, di ruang komen orang maki, generally kpoppers (idk if this is what they call themselves) dibenci. 

Kalau pihak penganjur tak rahsiakan identiti bebudak perempuan tu, orang yang 'lebih rajin', 'lebih sifat ingin tahu' tu, mesti nak jugak cari sampai lubang cacing. Untuk apa? Beri pengajaran pada mereka katanya. 

... *sigh*

Sudah-sudah lah tu. Lebihnya kita apa pada dia kalau bahasa kita pun tidak melambangkan bangsa apatah lagi agama?

Taken from my friend's

"Pandang abang lah sayang pandang kamera bukan hensem" k
-caption sekadar hiasan, laki saya tak pandai BM lagi-

Peace yaw.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Fresh Start

Salam. Hi. (:

A new beginning.

2014 was a blessing. I gotta do practical teaching in Indonesia as I've been dreaming to since the day I knew about it in second year of study. I've been saying I wanna get married early since forever. And Seoul has always been in my country-to-visit-before-I-die list. 

Teacher's Day at SMKTBI


Dah halal XD

One fall night at Changgyeonggung.

Despite of all the blessings I've received last year, I kept thinking of how I should make the best of my 2015. I thought, I wanna change myself first.

A new me...
A professional procrastinator.
A better cook.
A punctual person.
A tour guide.

Hold on. Yeah you heard me right.
As I'm now a tour guide in Seoul (wohooo). XD
I was given a few jobs last year to be a tour guide by some of my friends' travel agency. I thought I might wanna do it by myself too this year. Sadly, I'm not going back to Malaysia in February as Hakim and I have planned but the good thing is that I can do more jobs here (of course, we can save more money. $_$ kaching kaching heh)

So yeah, email me at if you've got any questions for the price and what kind of package I have (ONLY ground package - that can be discussed).  

For the time being, I shall find ways to realize the other 3 resolutions. XD